Dock Blocks, the leading manufacturer of floating modular docks, works specifically with marinas to create easy to install, modular floating docking systems that convert wasted space on the water into revenue-generating drive-on slips or docks.

Our new Half-Floater Pin is a low-profile platform that allows for a drive-on docking system. This new docking system cuts the installation process down by 75 percent. We redesigned the standard nut and bolt system with a new pin that secures a dock in two hours or less and locks in place with a simple quarter turn. It eliminates the need to flip or get underneath the dock when installing. The Half-Floater Pin has a non-slip surface that comes in two different colors: grey and green.

Dock Blocks uses the industry’s only patented technology for long-lasting stability. The manufacturer’s unique 4-pin connection system is easy to install and trusted by marine professionals around the world. The unique formulation of HDPE ensures durability whether the system is in a fresh or saltwater environment. Customers have been known to refer to Dock Blocks as “hurricane-proof” due to its ability to withstand hurricane-force conditions, an added benefit for marinas in coastal or storm-prone areas.

Press Release for Marina Dock Age