Dock Blocks, the leading manufacturer of floating modular docks, introduces its Configurator tool, which has been recognized by Boating Industry as a 2021 Top Product.

The innovative Configurator tool generates 3D renderings of custom docks via CAD files, allowing for even the most unique of custom designs to be brought to life and showcased in realistic form to the customer.

“The Configurator tool is a part of our commitment to a superior experience for customers and installers alike,” said Matt West, CEO of Dock Blocks. “We’re honored it was selected as a top product and look forward to continued innovation.”

Uniquely included in the tool is the ability to rotate the dock to any degree, so that the highest possible precision and review can be achieved. Another significant feature of the Configurator tool is automatic calculation of the materials needed to craft custom dock builds.

The Configurator tool makes custom dock building for both residential and commercial customers significantly more intuitive, easier, and faster while also being able to showcase designs like never before. The Dock Blocks team effectively has been able to transform the process for designing and constructing custom, floating docks.