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A Dock Blocks representative will call you from an 843 phone number to confirm fit.
Your dock, including all necessary connecting pieces, will cost approximately $.

A Dock Blocks representative will be in touch with you shortly to verify the dimensions requested and the specifications of your boat (drive-on boatlifts only), as well as to provide an estimated freight cost.

Dock Blocks are top of the line in terms of quality and performance. We offer a lifetime warranty and we manufacture our blocks in the United States of America. Because they are made of high density Polyethylene, there is virtually zero maintenance required. One of the many benefits of Dock Blocks is that you can reconfigure or add blocks down the road and modify your platform. Our blocks are 1.6 ft. X 1.6 ft., 16.5″ and 10″ tall and they are completely air-filled. The patented connecting system results in twice the amount of connection points compared to any other modular system on the market. The patented strengthening bars further tighten the system and protect the blocks as well. This design also provides for better stability and durability, offering supreme performance.

For immediate assistance please call 877-478-8440 or email sales@

Due to the nationwide driver shortage, we are experiencing delays in delivery. Lead times may be longer than usual. Please call for more information.