Our Technology

Our Technology

We didn’t invent the dock. We just made it better. And better. And better.

Patented Technology for unrivaled performance

Double the pins, double the stability.

The Dock Blocks system uses a patented 4-pin technology, which doubles the connection points for increased stability and a superior experience. Our docks feel sturdy underfoot and our unique formulation of HDPE material won’t get spongy or soft like other docking systems. When you choose Dock Blocks, you can expect a safe and strong platform for all your docking needs – whether that’s an extra wide walkway to get your family on and off the boat or a higher end experience for your yacht club or marina members.

Discover what makes Dock Blocks better

Innovation is in our company DNA. We believe in constant improvement, and we pursue perfection relentlessly.

More Durable

  • Double the connecting pins
  • Recessed ears
  • High quality HDPE
  • Protective bars
  • Thicker walls
  • Designed to ride the waves during storms
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Better quality of life

  • Grey doesn’t get as hot to walk on
  • Fast delivery
  • No splinters from wood
  • No mechanical parts or rollers that break
  • No wood plugs where bugs live
  • Peace of mind with lifetime guarantee
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  • DIY installation
  • All pieces connect from the top
  • Hose and rain do maintenance
  • Rises and falls with the water level
assembly step 1
assembly step 2
assembly step 3


  • Rigid, not bouncy
  • Smaller cracks between blocks
  • Protective bars around the edges
  • Thicker tread for walking

More Versatile

  • Create infinite shapes that fit your needs
  • Easily add more blocks later
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