Dock Blocks™ Sales Agreement

Terms and Conditions*

A 50% deposit and signed contract are required to place an order. Balance will be due prior to shipment of order.

Sales Agreement

Dock Blocks of North America, LLC (DBNA) is the licensed manufacturer and authorized distributor of the Dock Blocks by Pier Plas product line.

This contract is entered into between DBNA and the purchaser below:

The purchaser agrees to the terms and conditions of the sale included in the proposal as well as the following:

  • DBNA is not liable for any misuse of the product or injury or death that may occur due to the negligence or intentional misuse, abuse, modification, alteration, or of the product by purchaser, an invitee, or other individuals, third parties, or entities not a party to this contract.
  • DBNA is not responsible for maintenance of lifts or applicable permitting requirements.
  • DBNA is not liable for installation of the product and purchaser assumes all responsibility for assembling the product as desired.
  • DBNA is not responsible for collecting or remitting sales tax on this sale. Please be advised, you may be responsible for remitting use tax if you are the end-user of this product. Please consult with your tax advisor on compliance with the regulations required by the taxing authorities within your jurisdiction(s).
  • DBNA is not responsible for inaccuracies in measurements of docking system or boat specifications, all of which are provided by the purchaser and relied on by DBNA in fulfilling order(s). Blocks may conform to the shape of heavier boats in places where additional weight is added.

*The Terms and Conditions applicable to this contract are located on the DBNA website and also incorporate the DBNA User Manual. The DBNA lifetime limited warranty provided on the DBNA website also applies to this sale and purchaser agrees to abide by its terms.