Trusted by the Best: Explore our GSA Program

Trusted by the Best: Explore our GSA Program

Dock Blocks is a recognized General Services Administrator (GSA) vendor offering docking solutions that government agencies can rely on.

Through GSA, Dock Blocks modular floating dock systems provide government agencies docks and boat lifts at a reduced cost, delivering best-in-class solutions at exclusive rates. Our sales team and the GSA website are here to make your ordering experience easy, so your agency can quickly start using our durable, versatile docking solutions to help get the job done.

Trusted by the Best

Trusted by the US Military, local and state law enforcement, US Homeland Security, and more.

Verified by a Rigorous Vetting Process

Demonstrated strong past performance and customer support, solid financials, exceptional quality and reliability, and good value.

Available at a Reduced Cost

Through the Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing Programs, federal, state and local government organizations qualify to purchase our docking systems at negotiated ceiling prices.

Easy Buy Direct

Purchase your docking system hassle-free through the GSA website. Our sales team is also always available to help.

Dock Blocks of North America has two contracts with the GSA:

Contract 47QSWA19D0048, SIN 33612, Marine Craft – Qualifies for Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing Programs
Contract 47QSMA19D08NC, SIN 339920S, Sporting Goods Equipment and Supplies – Qualifies for Disaster Purchasing Program