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Choose your dock type:
For a simple drive-on boat lift, select "Boat Lift."
For more complex docks, select "Custom Designer."

Enter your dock dimensions:
Enter the desired Width and Length of your floating dock.
Make sure to select the proper units!
When finished, press "Create Dock."

Press "New Dock" to create a dock of a different size.
Press "Reset Dock" to clear any drawing done on the dock.
Press "Get Price" to get a parts and price breakdown of the dock.
Press "View 3D Image" to load a 3D model of the dock.

Design your dock:
Below is a drawable grid that represents your dock.
Light gray blocks are full floaters, dark gray blocks are half floaters, and blue blocks are water.
By default, all blocks on the grid are full floaters.
In order to draw your dock, press one of the buttons labeled "F", "H", "E", or "Boat Slip" and proceed to use the mouse to draw on the dock grid.
Selecting "Boat Slip" allows you to create a drive-on channel for your boat, accommodating for your boat's length.

Dock Dimensions
Width Length Area
Feet 0 0 0
Blocks 0 0 0

Dock Parts
Amount Part Price Price per Part Total Price
Full Floaters 0 0 0
Half Floaters 0 0
Strengthening Bars 0 0
Bow Guides 0 0
Full Pins 0 0
Half Pins 0 0
Nuts and Bolts 0 0
Plugs 0 0

Dock Accessories
Amount Part Price Price per Part Total Price
Handrails 0 0
Cleats 0
Swim Ladders 0
Kayak Rails 0
Kayak Racks 0
Reverse Winches 0
Boat Boosts 0
Beams 0
Decking (sqft) 0

**Any boat over 6,000 lbs requires a Boat Boost**

Grand Total 0

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