Boat Boost™

Boat Boost™

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Introducing Boat Boost™: A newly designed, remote control operated boat lift system created by the engineers at Dock Blocks. Lift up to 10,000 pounds with just the press of a button.

Keep the power in your pocket with key fob control.

Boat Boost™’s patent pending controller system transforms an incredibly complex process into a simple key fob. Lower your boat as you walk up to the dock and lift up to 18,000 pounds with just the press of a button. Our expertly deployed technology changes the way you lift your boat.

Military-grade standards and a higher lifting capacity.

We redesigned the industry standard boat lift system from the ground up. Boat Boost™ is specifically engineered for long-lasting effectiveness and constructed by a military electronics contractor. It combines special forces level quality with increased weight capacity, an elegant user-experience, and generational durability.

The only boat lift built for all types of water and watercrafts.

Made for both fresh and saltwater environments, Boat Boost™ is the only boat lift designed to work wherever you are. It offers a low maintenance system with no complex instructions, so you can easily use it whether you’re managing one boat or 100. We size the system to fit your specifications.

Boat Boost™ works just the way you expect it to –– automatically.

Toss out difficult instruction manuals and forget about sitting down to “try and figure this thing out.” Don’t worry about leaving valves on and burning up your blowers or troubleshooting faulty controllers. Boat Boost™ simplifies the controller system so you can operate your lift with ease.

See Boat Boost™ in Action